Xirocco IT Strategy Software Suite

Xirocco’s Business-linked IT Strategy Software Suite provides organisations the ability to rapidly develop, benchmark and update their Business-linked IT Strategy in real-time, always ready and available when the Board needs it. With rich, visual, and interactive dashboards, it provisions insights into implications of technology decisions, trends, disruptions, competitor threats etc. on internal plans and resources. This helps organisations transform internally to become innovative, efficient, and ultimately thrive in today’s competitive market through greater business agility. Xirocco enables this to happen inside one integrated, automated, intelligent software application.

Xirocco is purpose-built IT Strategy Software Suite for organisations to understand how IT enables and supports the end-to-end business strategy across all dimensions and essentially become the new system of record for the Group, Business Unit and Regional IT Strategies. Xirocco is the only tool in its space that has Board-orientation in its DNA.

“By implementing an effective IT Strategy, organizations can increase the enterprise’s bottom line by as much as five percent.”


With Xirocco’s IT Strategy Software Suite, you can:

  • Create a winning & effective Business-linked IT Strategy 10-20x faster, at a fraction of the price of comparable, consultancy-led approach
  • Get your IT Strategy out of PowerPoint decks, Excel spreadsheets and email inboxes into a purpose-built tool that forms a single source of truth for your strategy.
  • Get higher-quality IT Strategy via embedded best-practice framework, templates and automation with illustrative content, meaning you will never start from blank space.
  • Collaborate in real-time to co-create your IT Strategy, across departments, geographies and external partners.
  • Capture, link, and track IT-enablement of strategic objectives
  • Scan horizon and import trends into IT Strategy
  • Perform IT health assessments
  • Set CIO vision and goals
  • Align Business and IT, continually
  • Build a Technology Strategy
  • Build IT Target Operating Model
  • Build IT Sourcing Strategy
  • Secure funds for IT change and innovation
  • Publish IT Strategy with Xirocco’s One Page Strategy and Custom Narratives

Additionally, embracing Xirocco’s Continuous Strategy means your strategy will automatically update when underlying data evolves so your IT Strategy is always relevant and ready whenever your Leadership needs it.

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Start your strategy journey with Xirocco’s dynamic IT Strategy Software Suite.

“We have seen a lot of snake oil in our lives, this looks like the real deal”

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