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An IT Operating Model is a blueprint that empowers IT Leaders to have meaningful conversations with the Board to provide clarity on how IT operates. Having an IT Operating Model in place helps IT Leaders arrive at the correct organisation design, implement new ways of working and help employees understand their role in a wider business context.

With Xirocco’s IT Operating Model Software, you can build your IT Operating Model 10-20x faster by selecting one of the industry-referenced, best practice templates and refine it to reflect your desired state.

  • Move away from point-in-time views of your IT Department in PPT that quickly become outdated as your IT organisation evolves
  • Select from our industry-referenced and benchmarked IT Operating Model templates with departmental definitions, key responsibilities, and process descriptions
  • Communicate how IT operates using Xirocco’s rich visual outputs
  • Reduce duplicated activity through increased role clarity
  • Promote service consistency across the enterprise through standardisation
  • Align your IT Operating Model to serve your wider Business and Technology Strategies
  • Use your IT Operating Model to drive your IT Sourcing Strategy
  • Get meaningful results in days, not weeks
  • Create your IT Operating Model at a fraction of the price of comparable, consultancy-led approaches

Additionally, embracing Xirocco’s Continuous Strategy means that you will always have a relevant and interactive IT Operating Model, ready when your Leadership needs it.

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