Xirocco IT Diagnostics

Successful IT Leaders always know the health of their IT and its ability to support the business. Xirocco’s IT Diagnostic Software lets you perform a quick and comprehensive health assessment of your IT assets and capabilities.

With Xirocco’s IT Diagnostic Software, you can:

  • Move away from expensive, generic, laborious assessments that produce point-in-time views in PDFs that quickly become irrelevant
  • Customise your health assessment to take your organisation’s unique context into consideration
  • Precise and to-the-point assessments that are industry-referenced and benchmarked
  • Get meaningful results in days, not weeks
  • Draw upon insights from people who know your IT best – your employees
  • Easily highlight pain areas using customisable and interactive Board-ready dashboards
  • Map ongoing remediation to pain areas and ensure any gaps are addressed in your forward-looking strategy
  • As you execute your strategy, watch the pain areas turn green
  • Fraction of the price of comparable, consultancy-led traditional approaches

Xirocco empowers IT Leaders to communicate IT health meaningfully to their Boards by linking pain areas to business outcomes. Xirocco collates IT health across multiple dimensions and links them coherently to issues that matter to the Board along with remediation measures and costs. This enables Boards to understand the real, cumulative impact of poor IT health and the funding required to address the challenges.

Additionally, embracing Xirocco’s Continuous Strategy means that you will always have a relevant and interactive picture of your IT health, ready when anyone needs it.

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