Xirocco Case Studies

Case Study 1

Customer Profile: FTSE250 company with multiple business units, affiliates and subsidiaries. UK headquartered with international locations

Industry: Utilities

Outcomes: Real-time strategy, generated on-demand

Xirocco Solution
Wins & Vision in Progress
  • The Customer had made a number of acquisitions but not consolidated the IT functions, resulting in disparate IT departments that were not joined up
  • Processes, tools, efforts and standards were duplicated and overlapped
  • The Management Board had difficulty getting continuous clarity on overall demand, status of the in-flight change portfolios, IT asset lifecycles and risks, committed budgets, etc.
  • The Head of IT Strategy, Governance & Delivery was frequently producing IT Strategy updates with significant effort to manually collate and correlate information and produce slide decks and write-ups
  • In 2019, the customer deployed Xirocco in their Group function and two Business Units
  • In 2021, the Xirocco deployment was extended to include all Business Units and Affiliates, including international locations
  • Work in progress linking Xirocco to source systems to automate data flow
  • Linking of Business and IT Strategies so one supports the other
  • Implementation of the IT Roadmap, essential dashboard for the IT Board governance and decisioning, so it is generated on-demand and communicated without slides and emails
  • Creating Xirocco’s rich visual strategy artefacts such as the Business Operating Model to help the IT Board understand how IT capabilities support the business
  • Correlation of Project, Application and Supplier information to overarching organisational objectives to better support the overall IT Strategy
Customer Testimonial

“Xirocco is like Apple, everything I think of is already there!”

Head of IT Strategy, Governance & Delivery

Case Study 2

Customer: FTSE250 company with multiple business units, affiliates and subsidiaries. UK headquartered with international locations

Industry: Manufacturing

Outcomes: As-Is and To-Be IT Blueprinting

Xirocco Solution
Wins & Vision in Progress
  • The customer has been exploring digital possibilities, future scenarios and trying to understand where low-hanging fruit / key opportunities lie
  • Key to the customer’s Digital Strategy was developing As-Is and To-Be blueprints of Business and IT
  • A rapid and deep IT assessment was needed with Board-level summarisation to understand where the gaps and barriers were across IT capabilities, applications, technology, data, integration, IT operating model and organisation design
  • The customer engaged a specialist CIO Advisory consultancy to develop their IT Strategy
  • Xirocco’s IT Strategy Software Suite and Continuous Strategy Framework were selected and formed core components of the consultancy’s proposal
  • Xirocco IT Strategy Software Suite was deployed as the primary tool for the development and ongoing management of the customer’s IT Strategy
  • Within three weeks, Xirocco helped the customer reach a position in their IT Strategy that would otherwise take 3 months+ using traditional approaches
  • Xirocco helped the customer identify misalignment and gaps – what appeared correct using PowerPoint did not join up when ported into Xirocco
  • Xirocco’s accelerator content helped deliver a full current state IT Operating Model in two days – 20x faster than traditional, Consultancy-alone approach
  • Xirocco helped the customer benchmark their IT Strategy against industry best-practice and standards
  • Xirocco outputs are directly presented to plc Board members
Customer Testimonials

“I have never seen anything like this before, we are telling a business and IT story in one place.”

Manager – IT Infrastructure & Operations

“This is really focusing our mind on what really matters.”

Head of Applications

“With Xirocco, we can identify and eliminate wasteful expenditure.”

Head of Programmes

“My team loves the tool!”

Chief Digital Officer

Case Study 3

Customer: Business and Technology Advisory Services

Industry: Professional Services

Outcomes: Digital & IT Strategy

Xirocco Solution
Wins & Vision in Progress
  • The Consultancy had to deliver a complex, multi-disciplinary IT Strategy assignment for a customer in a very short timeframe
  • The Consultancy wanted to avoid weeks generating Board-orientated PowerPoint visualisations and tracking changes, versions and updates
  • Discovered discovery needed to be immensely accelerated using best practice, industry standard templates, taxonomy and schemas
  • The Consultancy selected and integrated Xirocco’s IT Strategy Software Suite and Continuous Strategy Framework into its customer proposal
  • The proposal easily stood out from competitors due to the unique value proposition of Xirocco toolset and won the bid for the Consultancy
  • Xirocco enabled the Consultancy get a head start on the customer’s IT and Business Strategies before formal kick-off
  • Xirocco’s embedded best-practice frameworks, templates and accelerator content ensured the Consultancy delivered the IT Strategy 10x faster (20x in some cases), passing on significant cost savings to the customer to reinvest in the future state
  • Board-level conclusions and insights were reached within weeks of assignment commencement
  • Xirocco’s Board-orientated rich visual outputs ensured only a handful of slides were created
  • The IT Strategy was delivered to the customer in Xirocco, ensuring they can maintain it easily and cost-effectively without specialist help every time
Customer Testimonial

“Xirocco’s IT Strategy Software and Continuous Strategy Framework are the only way organisation’s should be doing strategy.”

Consulting Partner

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