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A great IT Strategy powers the organisation by defining a set of business-driven, jointly-prioritised, future-state intentions and provisions an execution roadmap that implements the technology capabilities and operating model required to preserve the organisation's license to operate while lowering costs, reducing risk and accelerating growth.

"The highest-performing IT organizations are distinguished by strong strategy practices." Gartner

Top Challenges in IT Strategy Creation

  • Current methods of creating and linking IT Strategy are manual, laborious & expensive, distributed across an organisation that is otherwise very busy with business-as-usual.
  • End-to-end IT Strategy is often disjoint and ambiguous as IT departments work in silos, in random order and to differing endgames, often without engaging the business.
  • IT Strategies built in PowerPoint are rigid & point-in-time that quickly become obsolete when underlying data changes.
  • Inefficiencies in the strategy creation process mean nearly 75p of every pound spent is regret cost.


Xirocco helps CIOs and their teams to create, manage and communicate a Business-linked IT Strategy that influences and impresses their Management Board and business stakeholders. The table below illustrates common challenges that strategy teams face in articulating a joined-up, cohesive strategy and how Xirocco solves these challenges:

Common IT Strategy Challenges
How Xirocco Helps
  • Creating an IT Strategy manually is manual, laborious, time-intensive, and expensive [c£1.2m*]. Refreshing the same IT Strategy later costs at least 80% of the original effort.

    With Xirocco create IT Strategy 10X faster and refresh with <10% of the original effort. When underlying data evolves, the IT Strategy automatically updates and reflects the latest position. Like all tools, some upfront effort is required for the first time but Xirocco dramatically reduces the cost and effort to keep strategy up to date, ensuring the IT Strategy is ready and relevant when the Board needs it.

  • Using existing processes, it takes on average 9 - 12 months to produce a comprehensive IT Strategy that covers all the relevant areas of interest to the Board. In this time, the position has already shifted so the Strategy will articulate what the business is already doing rather than to set out what the business will do.

    With Xirocco, produce a high-level directional strategy for the Board, including a complete current state assessment, with a proven 30-60-90 day acceleration plan.

  • 50% of most IT Strategy budgets are wasted in data gathering and cleansing.

    Stop one-off data gathering exercises that produce point-in-time snapshots of the IT estate. With Xirocco, Business Units and Regions can collate and continually maintain their IT data that is accessible by anyone, anywhere.

  • 25% of recipients will forward sensitive Strategy information knowingly or unknowingly when received via email, despite blaring confidentiality notices.

    Stop sending decks via email that get forwarded. Control dissemination of sensitive Strategy information to recipients by creating customised audience-specific “Narratives” that can be published / retracted.

  • 10% or less IT Strategies are done in the correct order, resulting in waste and ineffectiveness.

    Xirocco helps create and refresh IT Strategy in correct succession, with tight linkages across multiple dimensions.

  • Most IT Strategies prioritise managing today’s mess, without necessary focus of what’s coming around the bend.

    With Xirocco, think longer range. Bring sector-related market trends and emerging threats formally into your IT Strategy dialogue so strategy teams can respond, dismiss, or defer.

  • 10% or less IT Investment Boards have adequate Cause-&-Effect and If-Then-Else data to make sound technology funding decisions.

    IT Investment trade-offs and go/no-go funding decisions made will accelerate 2-5X with Xirocco, where all dependencies and underlying data and assumptions are collected in one place, well-organized for precisely this purpose, and searchable.

  • 2 of 3 CIOs do not have their IT Strategy within reach, and struggle with irrelevant, out-of-date versions.

    Xirocco is SaaS, login from any location, any network, and anytime to showcase your IT Strategy.

  • Audit and version control of IT Strategy via file name quickly becomes untenable (i.e. how does ABC_IT_Strategy _wFinancials _RP_Comments_12AUG2017_v1.2.PPTX sound?)

    Maintain versions of your IT Strategy through the “Clone” feature – see the latest activity on your IT Strategy, get approvals and lock-down content to prevent further edits (e.g. ahead of that all-important Board meeting).

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