Why Customers Choose Xirocco

Customers who choose Xirocco are benefiting from increased alignment and common vision of Business and IT. With Xirocco, customers are:

  • Jointly Driving Strategy

Xirocco empowers Business and IT leadership teams to jointly drive organisational vision, agenda, and priorities. Xirocco puts Business Leaders in the driver’s seat, jointly with IT Leaders, in strategic use of IT to further the company’s vision while enabling IT Leaders to better influence their Business to make the correct investment decisions on technology.

  • Achieving Better IT Strategy Rigor

Xirocco’s embedded IT Strategy Framework ensures IT Strategies are more complete and built upon standards drawn from leading frameworks including TOGAF, ITIL, PRINCE2, COBIT, etc. With Xirocco, all organisational entities (Group, Business Units, Regions, Subsidiaries, Acquisitions, Affiliates etc.) can be brought to a minimum standard and completeness of IT Strategy to allow comparisons.

  • Improving Group-BU Alignment

With Xirocco, you can easily identify where strategy is diverging or duplicating across Group, Business Units and Regions to increase alignment and reduce waste.

  • Making Better Budget Decisions

Xirocco innovatively links technology and business to help Investment Boards with deep if-then-else insights to make well-informed, big bet IT investment decisions. Business and IT leaders collaborate and jointly agree on the right spending priorities and make joint funding requests by outcomes, value and impact, not by who shouts loudest.

  • Monitoring Strategy Realisation & Course-Correcting in Real-time

Xirocco puts your strategy on the front panel above the steering wheel – visible for every employee every day so when intentions change, strategy can adapt in real-time. Customers use Xirocco to practice Continuous Strategy to pivot and perform real-time interventions when goalposts move.

  • Visualising the Impact of IT on Business

Xirocco is Board-ready straight of the box. Stop recreating outputs from other tools in PowerPoint to make them Board presentable. Connect all elements of strategy in Board-ready visuals, navigate across multiple dimensions and drill into deeper levels of detail to keep with pace and direction of Board interrogation.

  • Linking IT Health to Business Aspirations

Xirocco empowers IT Leaders to communicate IT health meaningfully to their Boards by linking pain areas to business outcomes. Xirocco collates IT health across multiple dimensions and links them coherently to issues that matter to the Board along with remediation measures and costs. This enables Boards to understand the real, cumulative impact of poor IT health and the funding required to address the challenges.

  • Getting a Better Understanding of IT Costs

Xirocco helps organisations understand big IT cost categories that drive most of IT spend. IT Leaders can communicate with clarity where large IT spend is occurring and why so capital can be deployed more effectively, prioritised by size and impact on business and future readiness

  • Co-creating Their Strategy

Xirocco provides a new approach for Business and IT functions to partner and co-create a Business-linked IT Strategy in real-time across departments, geographies, and external partners. With Xirocco, IT and Business can collaborate to create roadmaps for achieving business opportunities, fully aligned with technology capabilities, assets, resources, suppliers, and investments.

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