Strategy Realisation Office

“Developing an enterprise-level competency for strategy execution, such as a strategy realization office (SRO) can provide significant competitive advantage.” Gartner

Strategy formulation needs to happen across multiple dimensions – intentions, initiatives, applications, infrastructure, suppliers, talent, and money. Each of these dimensions currently has its own distinct toolsets aimed at practitioners, which makes these tools deep in functionality, complex to configure and laborious to execute as they struggle to handle an ever-increasing ocean of use cases. This reality makes them less amenable to produce the type of insights and views that Management Boards expect to help make important strategic decisions. The result? Information from these disparate tools is manually extracted and recreated in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to achieve the finesse expected in the Boardroom.

Xirocco is Board-orientated by default. It enables and empowers SROs across all key areas of strategy formulation and realisation with out-of-the-box Board-friendly visuals that make “a day in the life of an SRO” significantly more efficient and productive. Xirocco powers SROs with:

  • Less PowerPoint machinations: Reduce manual, laborious Excel, PowerPoint, and Word machinations through Xirocco’s self-updating, purpose-built, Board orientated dashboards including the highly innovative One Page Strategy.
  • Reduce repeat efforts: Spend 75% less effort on updating IT Strategy, as strategy becomes business-as-usual and part of the DNA of the organisation.
  • Escape the data tsunami: Liberate the SRO from today’s painful reality of data gathering, collation, formatting, and massaging. Once data is in Xirocco, deal with data ripples, not waves.
  • Stop sending out decks: Communicate IT Strategy to anyone, anywhere using custom narratives, each containing only the information specific to the recipient (e.g. send only the IT Investment Table to the CFO). And since these narratives auto-update when underlying data evolves, no need to send decks repeatedly with new version numbers.

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