IT Business Partner

In organisations where the IT function is still viewed as an “order taker”, IT must move beyond providing commodity services and share ownership of business strategy by elevating its role to a business partner.

“88% of CIOs believe the business has yet to fully benefit from their digital strategy. Less than one in five business are ’very effective’ in using digital technology to advance business strategy.” Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey

An IT Business Partner often acts as a liaison between IT and the business, establishing stronger engagement and communication between the functions but primarily bringing the transformative capabilities of technology to business operations to unlock new commercial opportunities.

Xirocco helps IT Business Partners demonstrate how IT enables the business.

  • Demonstrate how IT enables the business: Xirocco’s radical and innovative “Layer Cake” feature links IT assets and resources to business functions and operations. Navigate multiple dimensions and drill into deeper levels of detail to show how IT powers the business.
  • Communicate IT risk: Communicate IT health and risk meaningfully to Board through cause-and-effect linkages to business aspirations and outcomes.
  • Enable better IT Investment decisions: Use Xirocco’s IT Investment Table to demonstrate the direct impact on the business of funding, deferring, and rejecting IT spend requests, leading to more well-informed and defendable capital allocation.
  • Enable business agility: Monitor benefits realisation as desired future state is reached and perform real-time intervention to course-correct as necessary. Xirocco helps IT Business Partners see immediate effect of changing course and helps revector resources.

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