Head of IT Strategy

Businesses are becoming increasingly digital and it’s not just a matter of building endless bespoke applications and implementing cumbersome ERP systems. As technology becomes intrinsic to how businesses plan and operate, business leaders are increasingly demanding clarity on the role of technology in the future of the business and its current priorities vis-a-vis the business aspirations. IT Strategy is no longer a business-driven wish-list, it is instead the singular mechanism to join and align the business and technology functions to achieve harmonious convergence of purpose, intentions, and priorities where one drives the other.

However, creating and managing an enterprise IT Strategy today requires a realm of knowledge beyond lists of technologies and architectural diagrams. It needs a holistic view and grasp of ALL the components that make a credible IT Strategy that stands up to Board scrutiny. Boards have set ways of analysing information presented to them, and a poorly scripted IT Strategy can quickly incur disillusionment and distrust.

Xirocco is modern, lite, and intuitive software that empowers Heads of IT Strategy or anyone accountable for IT Strategy to quickly and effectively create an industry standard, Business-linked IT Strategy that is aimed at the Board.

  • Create IT Strategy 10x faster: Create, link, communicate and maintain IT Strategies 10x faster, even more in some cases. With an embedded best-practice framework, step-by-step guides, automation, templates, and illustrative content, you never start from scratch!
  • Start with available data: Start creating IT Strategy with the data you know and have, enrich in iterations when more data becomes available. Deal with data ripples, not waves.
  • Cocreate IT Strategy with the Business: Collaborate in real-time to co-create your IT Strategy, across departments, geographies, and suppliers, so everyone is working on a single source of truth.
  • Do better than PowerPoint: Xirocco’s rich visual outputs and interactive dashboards are Board-ready, so there is no need for PowerPoint. Import favourite slides into Xirocco and make them part of a Narrative. Click here to learn more about how Xirocco is better for IT Strategy than MS Office.

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