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Strategy, not technology, is the future state of EA – Gartner

Few IT Strategy stories can be told without inclusion of some detail about mission critical applications and IT infrastructure, especially those of interest to Management Boards due to their link to the four R’s – Revenue, Reputation, Regulation and Right to play. Detailed applications and infrastructure architecture are among the core strengths of Enterprise Architecture and in that respect, Xirocco has a minor overlap with EA tools.

While EA tools offer in-depth design, planning and business-as-usual management and maintenance of technology solutions, Xirocco focuses more on creation, presentation and continuous management of a comprehensive, articulate and interconnected IT Strategy that goes beyond technology and includes all aspects of strategy, tailored to how Management Boards and executive business leaders digest such information.

Xirocco natively offers a set of foundational EA features for organisations with moderate architectural needs that have not made investments in specialised EA tools. With Xirocco, architects can:

  • Visualise EA for the Board: Create rich, visual diagrams of Enterprise Technology Framework, Target Architecture, Business Capability Framework, Application Landscapes etc. (not those boring “shapes in a grid” with arrows). Link elements across diagrams to create visual drill-throughs to illustrate how business objectives rely on technology assets and resources.
  • Communicate IT risk: Perform assessments of IT asset health and auto-generate heatmaps. Link IT asset health to business outcomes to communicate risk.
  • Manage IT data: Upload and maintain repositories of IT assets – Applications and IT Infrastructure.
  • Integrate foresight: Capture and monitor technology trends, link them to IT Strategy for tracking and response. Click here to learn more about Xirocco’s Futures feature.
  • Create Technology Strategy: Create a Business-linked Technology Strategy that proactively answers the “Top 5” Board questions.

Click here to learn more about how Xirocco is different from EA tools.

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