CIO & IT Leadership

CIOs walk a tight line today – helping their businesses find new markets and operational capabilities through technology trends such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, and social media while maintaining an aging, unsecure IT estate that is in perpetual need of modernisation. Add to this mix a Board that doesn’t fully comprehend IT and suddenly the challenge gets a lot harder.

“In 2005, barely 38 per cent of CIOs sat on their executive committee; today that figure has risen to 62 per cent. IT leaders are also increasingly working at board level.” Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey

“32% CIOs are expected to help drive corporate revenue growth.” Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey

CIOs need a credible IT Strategy that not only impresses and influences their Board but is also relevant and readily available when they need it. Xirocco transforms the relationship between the Board, business leaders and the CIO.

  • Get the Board and business leaders engaged in IT: Too many boards just review and approve IT Strategy without adequate due diligence. Xirocco empowers CIOs to cocreate a credible Business-linked IT Strategy with the business, that influences the Board and gets everyone actively involved in setting direction & priorities for IT.
  • More complete, effective IT Strategy: Create and publish a more complete IT Strategy based on industry standards that aligns the Business Units, drives out waste, defends costs and secures vital investments.
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of the IT function: Use Xirocco’s fast IT Diagnostic tool to establish the starting position, since a weak starting position can hamper long term strategy success. Communicate IT position and maturity to the Board using powerful Board-orientated dashboards.
  • Leverage CIO Advisories in a radically new way: Stop CIO advisories sending PDFs and instead directly inject their research and viewpoints into the Business and IT Strategies. Help CIO Advisories transform from point-in-time support services to a “Strategy-as-a-Service” partners.
  • Enable Continuous Strategy: Generate and publish a relevant, business-linked IT Strategy on demand, from anywhere, at the click of a button and publish securely it through Xirocco’s Narratives feature. Click here to learn more about Continuous Strategy.

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