Board & Business Leaders

Technology is now integral to every organisation’s Business Strategy, mandating that Boards understand IT Strategy and be well informed about developments in technology and trends to make the right decisions for their companies. This information comes from their internal IT functions led by CIOs as well as external advisories. To survive and thrive, the Board and CIO need to jointly set agenda, priorities, investments and pace of the IT function and monitor progress in real-time, performing interventions and course-correct when environment and conditions change.

“In a survey of corporate directors, more than half said their boards had at most one technology-related discussion a year. Almost half of the survey respondents indicated that this level of attention was insufficient.” McKinsey

But there’s the problem of time: most boards have about six to eight meetings a year and are often hard pressed to get beyond compliance-related topics to secure the breathing space needed for developing strategy.

“The typical company’s senior executives spend less than three hours a month working together as a team, and usually less than three hours discussing strategic issues.” Bain

Xirocco gives CEOs, Boards, and business leaders the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat, jointly with the CIO, in control of IT’s mission, priorities, execution and costs through robust understanding of how technology is advancing, and hindering, the business.

  • Spend more time on Business-linked IT Strategy : Technology has become too embedded in the fabric of business – and too critical for performance – to be wholly delegated to IT. Collaborate online from anywhere to continuously manage the business aspects of IT Strategy, not just for forty-five minutes in quarterly meetings.
  • Look further: If an organisation’s strategy can be executed as part of its current operations, then that strategy probably is not sufficiently ambitious or far-reaching enough to be an adequate response to digital change. Create and track a long-range Strategy with Xirocco.
  • Join up Business and IT: Ensure IT is always working on the business’ top priorities through deep insights that align Business Strategy and IT Strategy. Join-up not just on projects but across a multitude of other dimensions through Xirocco’s visually rich, Board-ready, interactive, and drillable dashboards that auto-update when underlying data evolves.
  • Make better and joint IT investment decisions: Get better understanding of business-technology gaps and the investments that would be required to close those gaps. Xirocco shows the direct impact on the business of funding, deferring, and rejecting IT spend requests, leading to more well-informed and defendable capital allocation.

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