What is Xirocco?


IT is becoming vital to how businesses operate but the pace, scale and impact of technological innovation is also exponentially increasing. To manage this disruption, business leaders are demanding more clarity on the role of technology in the business.

“Today, a Business-linked IT Strategy is the most important mechanism that aligns the Business and IT – one driving the other to achieve the company’s vision.” Kiran Rao, CEO Xirocco

However, CIOs face serious challenges creating effective IT Strategies and communicating how they supports business activities. Today, their existing tools are Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook which produce a rigid, 300-slide PPT point-in-time view that quickly becomes irrelevant and ends up in the bottom drawer.


Xirocco is IT Strategy Software for creating, managing, and communicating a Business-linked IT Strategy and IT Operating Model.

Xirocco is the strategy tool that CIOs and IT Leadership Teams have been waiting for.

It helps IT and Business leadership teams to jointly cocreate, manage and communicate a Business-linked IT Strategy 10-20x faster than using traditional processes. Strategies in Xirocco automatically update when underlying data evolves so your IT Strategy stays relevant and ready when your leadership needs it.

With Xirocco, you can generate an IT Strategy on-demand at the click of a button from any global location and network.

Featuring an intuitive, consumer-grade interface, Xirocco is modern and lite with rich visual outputs and interactive dashboards that are Board-ready out-of-the-box.

With Xirocco, you can:

  • Create a more complete and benchmarked IT Strategy based on industry best practices
  • Produce a high-level Business-linked IT Strategy, including IT Operating Model, in under four weeks
  • Ensure IT Strategy is created in correct order, with tight linkages and loopbacks, so Business and IT drive each other
  • Eliminate silos to automatically align Business and IT to a common, unifying strategy
  • Crowdsource inputs into your Business and IT Strategy, from inside and outside the organisation
  • Gain a holistic view of all (Group, Business Unit and regional) strategies in one place to enable comparison and alignment

"While Gartner anticipates a surge in the demand for strategy consulting in the near term, organizations will only gain the long-term benefit of a unique capability if they learn to do it themselves." Gartner

Xirocco requires zero upfront configuration and data so you can start creating your Business-linked IT Strategy within minutes of signing up. Draw upon our accelerator content and templates to produce results in under four weeks. And since Xirocco uses only the data you already manage as part of business-as-usual, there are no special, ad hoc requirements and the data gathered will not be a wasted effort since it can reside and be managed in Xirocco.

With an embedded best-practice framework, step-by-step guides, automation, templates, and illustrative content, you never start from scratch! Xirocco allows an unlimited, concurrent user logins, so you can collaborate in real-time with your entire team across departments, geographies, and suppliers to co-create your Business-linked IT Strategy, with everyone working on a single source of truth. To boost efficiency further, Xirocco lets you save complex IT Strategy artefacts as templates and share with colleagues, to use elsewhere within the same account.

Xirocco’s consumer-grade visual outputs and interactive dashboards are Board-ready, so there is no need for PowerPoint. Have a favourite slide you simply must include? No worries, Xirocco lets you upload your slide decks and include key slides from them directly into your IT Strategy narratives.

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