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Xirocco IT Diagnostic

Xirocco’s IT Diagnostic Software lets you perform a quick and comprehensive health assessment of your IT assets and capabilities. Get a view of your IT health before progressing into your Business-linked IT Strategy.

Xirocco IT Operating Model

With Xirocco’s IT Operating Model Software, you can build your IT Operating Model 10-20x faster by selecting one of the industry-referenced, best practice templates and refine it to reflect your desired state.

Xirocco IT Strategy Software Suite

Xirocco IT Strategy Software Suite is purpose-built for organisations to understand how IT enables and supports the end-to-end business strategy across all dimensions and essentially become the new system of record for the Group, Business Unit and Regional IT Strategies. Xirocco is the only tool in its space that has Board-orientation in its DNA.

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Details of each Tier

Frequently Asked Questions

Xirocco treats organisations as a collection of Business Units (equivalent to operating units, lines of business, divisions etc.). An IT Strategy is associated with each Business Unit, including a special IT Strategy for Group or Corporate unit with additional, special features. The price of your Xirocco Subscription will depend on the number of business units in your organisation and number of user accounts. Prices start from £1,500 for an annual subscription.

We offer two types of training – product training to help our esteemed customers maximise value from their investment in Xirocco, as well as training on how to create a good IT Strategy that impresses and influences your Management Board. All our plans come with product training by default, we want you to enjoy using our product. IT Strategy consultancy is available at additional cost through our Strategy Partners.

Yes. Xirocco contracts are billed annually. Why? We want our customers to retain Xirocco and practice Continuous Strategy and avoid reverting to Excel and PowerPoint.

Indeed! If you want to take Xirocco on a spin, just contact us via the forms on our website. We’ll schedule a quick introductory call and give you a tour to get your trial started. If you are excited by our demo, you’ll get access to the Enterprise Plan for 14 days. You can covert your trial account and any work you have done in it into a paid account at any time.

On-boarding is the process of uploading your data into Xirocco. It is an easy process and we have detailed Help Documentation available. Our Enterprise Plan comes with additional boosters, we can take charge of this process and not only migrate the data for you, but also clean it up (resolve mismatches, deduplicate, remove errors etc.).

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