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Successful IT Leaders always know the health of their IT and its ability to support the business. Xirocco’s IT Diagnostic Software lets you perform a quick and comprehensive health assessment of your IT assets and capabilities.

With Xirocco’s IT Operating Model Software, you can build your IT Operating Model 10-20x faster by selecting one of the industry-referenced, best practice templates and refine it to reflect your desired state.

Xirocco’s Business-linked IT Strategy Software Suite provides organisations the ability to rapidly develop, benchmark and update their Business-linked IT Strategy in real-time, always ready and available when the Board needs it.

Xirocco is IT Strategy Software for creating, managing, and communicating a Business-linked IT Strategy and IT Operating Model.

Xirocco is the strategy tool that CIOs and IT Leadership Teams have been waiting for.

It helps IT and Business leadership teams to jointly cocreate, manage and communicate a Business-linked IT Strategy 10-20x faster than using traditional processes. Strategies in Xirocco automatically update when underlying data evolves so your IT Strategy stays relevant and ready when your leadership needs it.

With Xirocco, you can generate an IT Strategy on-demand at the click of a button from any global location and network.

Featuring an intuitive, consumer-grade interface, Xirocco is modern and lite with rich visual outputs and interactive dashboards that are Board-ready out-of-the-box.

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