The Challenge

The CIO Advisory sector faces a slightly different set of challenges than the broader consultancy market, including:

Unpredictable Revenue

CIO Advisory services tend to be episodic, one-off assignments that don’t assure continuous and predictable revenue. There is little or no “after care” demand from customers once a strategy is delivered. Every new piece of work needs repeat sales effort.

Market Saturation & Margin Pressure

The CIO advisory services market is saturated; commodity IT players have moved into this space and creating downward pressure on margins. A simple G-Cloud search for “IT Strategy” yields ~1500 consultancies in the UK alone, indicating the scale of this issue.

Capped ROI

The nature of CIO Advisory services means per consultant revenues are finite and capped; one consultant can serve only one or at best a few customers at a time. Scaling means proportionally increasing the talent pool and consequently cost-base and overheads.

Analogue Service

Strategic POVs, research, benchmarks, case studies, templates etc. are laborious and expensive to produce but often have little impact to customers due to the analogue delivery method (PDFs sent to overwhelmed customer inboxes where they remain unread).


No two consultants are equal. There is often significant variation in consultant-to-consultant experience, performance, and quality. This creates a skewed and unrealistic demand for star players.

War for Talent

Strategy talent is scarce; the war for talent is driving up pay scales, exacerbating the effect of downward pressure on margins. Investment on training isn’t a guaranteed fix as trained talent leaves to the highest paying competition.

The Xirocco Advantage

Xirocco is a Board-orientated, intelligent SaaS platform that enables CIO advisories to help their customers create winning strategies through “Strategy-as-a-Service” where they cocreate strategy with the customer and provide after care by continuously injecting their POVs, research, insights, and benchmarks directly into the customer's strategy in ongoing maintenance of its relevancy.

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  • Take your client relationships into the board room with trusted partner status. Drive Strategy jointly with client, continuously.
  • Inject & track your POVs, benchmarks and thought leadership directly into your client’s strategy.
  • Make proprietary research commercially available through Xirocco.

  • Generate new revenue through Enterprise Strategy-as-a-Service.
  • Watch client’s strategy progress and intervene proactively.
  • Increase sales pipeline through continuous visibility of your client’s intentions and challenges. Proactively bring transformative value propositions to clients.
  • Perform quick and ‘lite’ health assessments for client that lead to higher value, longer term transformative work.

  • Do more with existing talent; consultants support multiple clients simultaneously, from any location.
  • Leverage geographically distributed and diverse talent pools, balancing work between high and low-cost centres to maximise margins.
  • Reduce / eliminate consultant-2-consultant variance.
  • Monitor your consultants, QA & correct deliverables remotely.
  • Use embedded best-practice framework to ensure consistency.

  • Load your strategy assets (templates, models & content) into Xirocco and reuse with multiple clients.
  • Edit and manage assets via real-time collaboration.
  • Option to white-label.

Our Strategic Partners (click on logo)

Recognising that a Business-linked IT Strategy is now the singular mechanism to join Business and IT functions for convergence of purpose, Xirocco and Definia are collaborating to fully amalgamate their IT Strategy Frameworks to help CIOs achieve their Business-linked IT Strategy, generated in real-time, at the click of a button.

About Definia

Partnering to deliver sustainable change, no matter the starting point.

Definia delivers tailored services to help transform and future-proof your business. We operate as advisors in the private and public sectors, deploying teams of subject matter experts to support clients in delivering business initiatives, transformation, change and new technology. These engagements vary between client advisory and outcome-based delivery.

Change through partnership

We believe change is delivered best through partnership. We work with experts and associates who love what they do and strive to see our customers succeed. When you succeed, so do we. Aiming to build close communities with our associates, colleagues and customers, every team we put together is based on expertise, integrity and quality.

For more information about Definia, visit their website.

Xirocco and Leading Resolutions are helping their blue-chip clients to implement Continuous Strategy, the digitally-enabled process of creating and communicating continuously relevant, Business-linked IT Strategy. Working together, we harness the power of years of board-level technology experience and market expertise with a purpose-built SaaS platform that transforms how strategy is created and managed.

About Leading Resolutions

Trusted by business leaders as their technology consultancy of choice, we use technology to solve complex business problems and take a holistic approach to programme delivery. Leading Resolutions is a unique consulting business with a unique way of operating.

  • Immediate impact to fast tract your IT strategy and initiatives.
  • We deliver technology solutions that solve complex business problems in a beautifully uncomplicated way.
  • Emotionally invested to delight our clients with a deep understanding of people, culture, and change.
  • We operate with agility and pace to cost effectively drive the right outcome for our client.
  • All our clients have unlimited access to executive support from our leadership team.
  • Ambitious, positive, self-motivated consultants.

For more information about Leading Resolutions, visit their website.

Xirocco and Consulting Node are collaborating to bring joint value propositions to the North American market in the area of Continuous Strategy. Leveraging decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies implement digitally enabled solutions, CNI will use Xirocco’s purpose-built SaaS platform to help their customers build and execute their best Business-linked IT Strategies that enable CIOs to better navigate the changing landscape of business and technology.

About Consulting Node Inc:

CNI is a One-Stop IT Solutions Provider offering technology services to the business community since 2002. CNI relies on long term relationships for its business model; we strive to develop a loyal client base through quality of service and retain them through continued attention and delivery quality as of day one. Small enough to care, large enough to deliver.

  • Major international brand clients in Insurance, Retail, Services & other industries.
  • 17+ years as an operating business.
  • US based, with offices in Brazil, India and Canada (affiliate) with delivery centres in US and India.
  • Women owned enterprise.

For more information about Consulting Node Inc., visit their website.

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