How Xirocco Works

Xirocco is modern, lite and intuitive with zero mandatory, upfront configuration. Since many modules and features of Xirocco can be started before any data is uploaded, you can start creating your business-linked IT Strategy within minutes of signing up. No more waiting around for several months idly while an army of colleagues gather, clean and process data. And since Xirocco uses only the data you already manage as part of business-as-usual, data gathering is a one-time effort which is not wasted since it is continuously maintained and kept updated in Xirocco.

With an embedded best-practice framework, step-by-step guides, automation, templates, and illustrative content, you never start from scratch! Click here to read our blog on the science of starting from blank page. Xirocco allows an unlimited, concurrent user logins, so you can collaborate in real-time with your team across departments, geographies, and suppliers to co-create your IT Strategy, with everyone working on a single source of truth. To boost efficiency further, Xirocco let’s you save complex IT Strategy artefacts as templates and share with colleagues, to use elsewhere within the same account.

Xirocco’s consumer-grade visual outputs and interactive dashboards are Board-ready, so there is little need for PowerPoint. Have a favourite slide you simply must include? No worries, Xirocco let’s you upload your slide decks and include key slides from them directly into your IT Strategy narratives.

Plus, your IT Strategy automatically updates when underlying data changes, so it’s always ready and relevant when your Board needs it. At the click of a button, you can generate your IT Strategy when you need it, from any global location and network.

Xirocco is primarily a SaaS platform but for discerning customers with very severe cybersecurity and data residency restrictions, Xirocco can be hosted On-Premise.


  • Xirocco treats every customer as an account.
  • Each account can have one or more Business Units (BU) including a special Business Unit known as HQ (also commonly known as Group or Corporate).
  • Each BU will have one IT Strategy associated with it.
  • Each IT Strategy has several modules and each module has several features.
  • Customisable livery (unique logo, banner, brand colour) for each BU.

Data Ingestion

  • Data ‘Lite’ – start with minimal data and enrich in iterations
  • Bulk upload via Excel spreadsheet template
  • Individual upload via Excel spreadsheet template
  • Shift responsibility for clean and relevant IT data to where it belongs, divisional / regional data owners

Access Control Lists (ACL) and Roles

  • Admin
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Viewer


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