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Leading strategy research and advisory consultancies agree, organisations that cannot set and refresh strategy at least on a quarterly cadence, or perform real-time interventions to course correct, are unlikely to survive this decade.

However, CIOs face a consistent, repetitive set of challenges in creating and articulating a cohesive, winning IT Strategy to their Management Board and other key stakeholders to substantiate the value of IT, often resulting in failure to bridge the Business-IT priorities gap, secure capital for technology modernisation and gain sponsorship for implementing foundational technology capabilities that future-proof the organisation. Read more here on the problem with strategy.

Existing toolsets make bold claims on Strategy but are limited by scope and orientation.

  • Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) tools give only one side of the picture, i.e. projects.
  • EA (Enterprise Architecture) tools focus on detailed, business-as-usual management of technology and its core inner workings. They are also not Board-orientated.
  • EPM tools manage business KPIs and dashboards, with a focus on communicating status of day-to-day business operations.
  • Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Email are not strategy tools.

To create a true, end-to-end, business-linked IT Strategy, CIOs and their teams extract data from existing Service Management, PPM, EA toolsets into Excel, where insights are drawn in pie charts and copy/pasted into PowerPoint where they are augmented with explanations. Result? A 300-slide deck that is rigid and ages very quickly. The process takes so long, the strategy is often DOA (dead-on-arrival) since the goalposts have shifted by the time it's produced.

The glue between the Management Board and every CIO is IT Strategy, yet the only tools available are Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and the underlying processes are Victorian.


The idea for Xirocco was conceived to digitally enable the Board-CIO relationship and convert episodic interactions into a continuous engagement on the most important topic for any organisation – Strategy. Xirocco is purpose-built for organisations to understand how IT enables and supports end-to-end enterprise strategy across multiple dimensions and essentially become the new system of record for the Group and Business Unit IT Strategies.

At the time of this writing, Xirocco is the only tool in its space as an end-to-end Business-linked IT Strategy SaaS platform that has Board-orientation in its DNA and features a rich, customisable One Page Strategy.

"We have seen a lot of snake oil in our lives, this looks like the real deal." Global CIO Advisory on Xirocco’s Strategy features and Board-orientation

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