A credible, Business-linked IT Strategy and supporting IT Operating Model are vital for all companies at scale, and internal research by Accenture found that an effective IT Strategy can boost an enterprise’s bottomline by as much as 5%.

“We’ve noticed a significant increase in organizations establishing what Gartner calls a ‘Strategy Realization Office’. This should further drive the clear value case that, if it is worth setting up a dedicated group of people to assure strategic efforts are on point, then it might also be worth providing them with the right tools.” Gartner

However, the only tools used today are Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Strategy formulation needs to happen across multiple dimensions – intentions, initiatives, applications, infrastructure, suppliers, talent, and money. Each of these dimensions currently has its own distinct toolsets aimed at practitioners, which makes these tools deep in functionality, complex to configure and laborious to execute as they struggle to handle an ever-increasing ocean of use cases. This reality makes them less amenable to produce the type of insights and views that Management Boards expect to help make important strategic decisions. The result? Information from these disparate tools is manually extracted and recreated in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to achieve the finesse expected in the Boardroom.

“While Gartner anticipates a surge in the demand for strategy consulting in the near term, organizations will only gain the long-term benefit of a unique capability if they learn to do it themselves.” Gartner

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