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Xirocco is Board-orientated intelligent software that empowers CIOs and executive leadership teams to create, maintain and communicate a continuously relevant, business-linked IT Strategy.


Jointly Drive Strategy

Drive organisational growth & performance through faster & more complete Business-linked IT Strategy. IT and Business jointly drive the agenda and set priorities.

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Better IT Strategy Rigor

Achieve a minimum standard and completeness of IT Strategy for all Business Units and regions that allow organisation-wide views and cross-BU comparisons on intentions, priorities and plans.

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Improve Group-BU Alignment

Identify areas where Business Units and regions are diverging or duplicating from Group/Corp IT Strategy. Address gaps and eliminate waste.

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Better Budget Decisions

Make well-informed, joint Business + IT budget requests with deep portfolio insights linking IT initiatives to desired Business outcomes.

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Monitor & Course-Correct

Monitor benefits realisation as desired end state is reached. Perform real-time interventions to course-correct as necessary.

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Visualise the Impact of IT

Link all elements of strategy with Board-ready visuals. Navigate multiple dimensions and drill into deeper levels of detail to keep with pace and direction of Board interrogation.

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Link IT Health to Business Outcomes

Communicate IT health & risk meaningfully to the Board via cause-and-effect relationships between IT capabilities and business outcomes.

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Understand IT Costs

Achieve cost transparency to optimise IT and business budgets. Deploy capital effectively, reinvest savings in forward looking strategy.

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Cocreate Your Strategy

Collaborate in real-time to cocreate your IT Strategy; across departments, geographies and external partners.

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Points of View: Importance of IT Strategy and Strategic Alignment

How It Works

Xirocco is an IT Strategy creation, linking and communicating tool for CIOs and their wider IT leadership teams. It is intelligent software that helps organisations create, communicate and continuously manage complete and coherent Business-linked IT Strategies that optimise the use of technology and budgets for business outcomes. It builds strategy by capturing and connecting current state health, business aspirations, trends/threats/opportunities, leadership vision, technology assets, technology stacks, talent, strategic projects and vendors at a summary level. It features an industry-first, best-practice IT Strategy Framework and Board-orientated rich interactive dashboards that empower IT Leadership teams to influence the Board to make the right decisions on technology. Xirocco is the digital glue between the Board, CIO, IT Leadership teams and their trusted external advisors.



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What you can do with Xirocco

Build, Link & Present a Board-orientated IT Strategy

Xirocco understands what Boards and top leadership look for in an IT Strategy. It guides users to input data in benchmarked, best practice formats and sequences that have been developed through decades of experience and automa...

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Capture, Link & Track IT-enablement of Strategic Objectives
Great companies grow and thrive purposefully, they outline a set of intentions and organise themselves around the work to realise these intentions. When circumstances change, they adopt by changing their strategy.

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Scan Horizon & Import Trends into Your IT Strategy

An IT Function that focuses most of its time and effort on enhancing existing assets and capabilities quickly loses its relevance. In the best companies, IT has evolved from an execution function that simply maintains software a...

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What you can do with Xirocco

Assess Starting Position 

After understanding the business direction and intentions but before articulating solutions in IT Strategy, it is important to understand the current state of existing IT projects, assets and resources to establish if they meet or can scale/adapt to meet t...

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Set CIO Vision & Goals

The CIO Vision statement sets the “bar” for purpose and aspirations of the IT function within the context of the organization. It is an important communication tool to the organisation that sets the Board-approved CIO agenda indicating the role of IT o...

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Align Business & IT (Continually)

Aligning IT Strategy and Business Strategy has been considered a “critical” business issue in most organisations for well over twenty years. With Xirocco’s innovative Layer Cake feature, illustrate how good IT enables, and poor IT endanger...

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What you can do with Xirocco

Build Technology Strategy

For good and known reasons, the Management Board at most organisations tends to be semi or fully IT illiterate. This makes presenting technology strategy challenging and often results in the CIO walking away without the vital funds they need to scale, moder...

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Build IT Target Operating Model

The IT Operating Model describes how the IT function organises the resources, capabilities, and assets available to it to maximise the value of technology investments and best deliver its remit to the business.

It provides a set of interactive ...

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Build IT Sourcing Strategy

Many organisations depend on a varied and resilient global IT supply chains to create, maintain, and update their IT capabilities, introduce IT innovation, execute digital transformation, and proactively bring best practices from across a range of industri...

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What you can do with Xirocco

Secure Funds for IT Change & Innovation

Poorly articulated IT Strategies that fail to properly link IT budget requests to implications and outcomes for the business are often the reason why Management Boards don’t trust their IT functions and incorrectly conclude that “IT co...

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Publish IT Strategy with Xirocco’s One Page Strategy & Narratives

Xirocco is the only tool to feature a rich, customisable, and interactive 1-Page Strategy (acknowledged by leading strategy advisories). Drill across and down through numerous dimensions – from strategic objec...

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Manage IT Strategy with Continuous Strategy

Continuous Strategy is a radically different and more mature state of the strategy creation and communication process where organisations generate and publish their enterprise strategy in real-time, on demand, at the click of a button. McK...

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Our Mission

To help organisations compete and win through intelligent IT Strategy.

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