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Xirocco is intelligent software that empowers IT and business leadership teams to create, communicate and manage an effective Business-linked IT Strategy,
10-20X faster!

Xirocco is Empowering Our Customers to ...

Jointly Drive Strategy

Business and IT jointly drive the technology agenda and priorities to achieve the organisation's strategic objectives.

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Make Better Technology Decisions

Achieve a minimum standard and completeness of IT Strategy across Group, Business Units and regions that enables better decisions on strategic use of technology.

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Improve Group-BU Alignment

Identify areas where Business Units and regions are diverging or duplicating from Group/Corp IT Strategy. Address gaps and eliminate waste.

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Deploy Capital More Effectively

Make well-informed, joint Business + IT budget requests by linking IT initiatives to Business outcomes and enabling trade-offs.

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Monitor & Course-Correct

Monitor benefits realisation as desired end state is reached. Perform real-time interventions to course-correct as necessary.

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Visualise the Impact of IT

Link all elements of strategy with Board-ready visuals. Navigate multiple dimensions and drill into deeper levels of detail to keep with pace and direction of Board interrogation.

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Identify IT Gaps & Weaknesses

Assess and communicate IT health meaningfully to Leadership via rich, visual and dynamic dashboards.

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Understand IT Costs

Achieve cost transparency to optimise IT and business budgets. Deploy capital effectively, reinvest savings in forward looking strategy.

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Collaborate & Cocreate Strategy

Collaborate in real-time to cocreate IT Strategy; across departments, geographies and external partners.

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Points of View: Importance of IT Strategy and Strategic Alignment

How It Works

Xirocco Features

Create, Communicate & Manage a Business-linked IT Strategy
Xirocco understands Management Boards and IT Strategy. With embedded best-practices, accelerators and Board-ready visuals, create your IT Strategy 10-20X faster and cheaper than a consultancy-alone approach.

Capture, Link & Track IT-enabled Strategic Objectives
Capture and track IT-enablement of your strategic objectives by linking them to IT assets and initiatives in Board-friendly dashboards. Drill into deeper levels of detail across multiple dimensions for alignment and insights.<

Scan Horizon & Import Trends into Your IT Strategy
Capture sector trends and market conditions directly into your IT Strategy, assess and escalate upwards for Leadership action. Track how your organisation is responding and flush out gaps before they become urgent.

Perform an IT Diagnostic
Perform strategic analysis and assessment of IT health to identify challenges to strategy realisation. High-light major pain areas using Xirocco’s customisable heatmaps and dashboards specifically designed for Board understanding.

Set CIO Vision & Goals
Position the role IT will play within the context of the business, on a scale of order taker to business enabler with a seat at the Board table and “skin in the game” driving the Business Strategy.

Align Business & IT (Continually)
Establish the “footprint” of business objectives on IT landscape. Show how business aspirations depend on IT initiatives and capabilities so both sides are “paddling in the same direction” and one drives the other.

Xirocco Features

Build Technology Strategy
Articulate a technology strategy that not only anticipates and proactively answers the Board’s “big five” questions but also ensures that Leadership understands the technology strategy from the perspective of business outcomes.

Build IT Target Operating Model
Describe how the IT function organises its capabilities and resources to maximise the value of technology investments and best deliver its remit to the business.

Build IT Sourcing Strategy
Analyse supplier spend and scope to understand how suppliers support IT in digitally enabling business activities. Make strategic sourcing decisions on the future of IT supplier landscape.

Secure Funds for IT Change & Innovation
Effectively link technology initiatives to business programmes and strategic business objectives to show Leadership the direct impact of funding and/or rejecting IT spend requests.

Communicate a One-Page Strategy
Xirocco is the only tool to feature a rich, customisable, and interactive 1-Page Strategy. Drill across and down easily through numerous dimensions to explore the validity of your strategy.

Make Strategy Your Company’s DNA
Makes strategy a continuous, business-as-usual process whereby strategy becomes the DNA of your company, where every action is guided and framed within the context of the agreed strategy and a vision that is perpetually evolving.

Our Mission

To help organisations compete and win through intelligent IT Strategy.

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