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Build & Link Your Best Strategytm

Xirocco helps IT leadership create, align and showcase their Board-level IT strategy to power the Business.

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Points of View: Importance of IT Strategy and strategic alignment

The new reality is...
...with rewards for achievers
...but challenges exist

Our Solution is Xirocco

Xirocco is a Board-orientated intelligent software that empowers executive leadership to create, communicate and refresh their IT Strategies in a radical new way.

Imagine saying goodbye to multiple copies, formats and versions of your IT Strategy.
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Get your IT Strategy out of PPT decks, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook inboxes into a tool that forms a system of record for your IT Strategy for use anywhere, anytime.

Imagine being confident that your IT Strategy is based on a proven, best-practice framework.
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Get higher-quality IT Strategy via embedded best-practice framework, workflows and automation with illustrative content, meaning you will never start from blank space .

Imagine your IT Strategy always being ready, relevant and current whenever you need it.
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Create a winning & effective IT Strategy 10x faster, that automatically updates when underlying data evolves. 80% less effort to validate and refresh your Strategy continually.

Imagine the Business and IT jointly creating and driving your IT Strategy.
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Collaborate in real-time to create your IT Strategy; across departments, geographies and external partners. Track and address trends as an integral part of your IT Strategy.

Imagine showing your Board the power and impact of IT on the Business in a few clicks.
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Illustrate how good IT powers, and poor IT impairs, Business outcomes through a (patent pending) innovative feature called the “Layer Cake”.

Imagine driving your IT funding decisions by business impact, not by who shouts loudest.
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Make well-informed, joint Business + IT budget requests where Business supports IT innovation agenda because Business sees its own direct benefit from the initiative.

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