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IT Strategy Challenges How Xirocco Helps
1 Creating an IT Strategy manually in MS Office costs c£1.2m* and refreshing the IT Strategy costs at least 80% of the original effort. With Xirocco create IT Strategy 10X faster and refresh with <10% of the original effort. When underlying data evolves, the IT Strategy automatically updates and reflects your latest position.
2 50% of most IT Strategy budgets are wasted in data gathering and cleansing. Stop one-off data gathering exercises that produce point-in-time snapshots of your IT landscape. With Xirocco, Business Units and Regions can collate and continually maintain their IT data that is accessible by anyone, anywhere.
3 25% of your audiences will forward sensitive IT Strategy information knowingly or unknowingly when received via email, despite confidentiality notices. Control dissemination of sensitive IT Strategy information to stakeholders by creating customised audience-specific narratives that can be published / retracted. Stop sending decks via email that get forwarded.
4 10% or less IT Strategies are done in the correct order, resulting in waste and ineffectiveness. Xirocco helps create and refresh IT Strategy in correct succession: Business Strategy → Tech Strategy → Operating Model → Sourcing Strategy → Budgeting.
5 Business Unit IT Strategies vary significantly in coverage, depth and format, and often duplicate or diverge from Corporate IT Strategy Standardise, accelerate and eliminate waste from your Business Unit IT Strategies by creating common and core IT Strategy centrally and “push” to Business Units. Alternatively, Business Units can “pull” content from Corporate to avoid duplicating or diverging.
6 10% or less IT Investment Boards have adequate If-Then-Else data to make sound funding decisions. IT Investment trade-offs and go/no-go funding decisions made will accelerate 2-5X using Xirocco, where all dependencies and underlying data and assumptions are collected in one place, well-organized for precisely this purpose, and searchable.
7 2 of 3 CIOs do not have their IT Strategy within reach. Xirocco allows you to print your IT Strategy, download it as an executable, export as PDF or login from anywhere / anytime to showcase your IT Strategy.
8 Audit and version control of IT Strategy via file name is untenable (i.e. ABC_IT_Strategy _wFinancials _RP_Comments_12AUG2017_v1.2.PPTX) Xirocco maintains audit logs – see the latest activity on your IT Strategy, get approvals and lock-down content to prevent further edits (e.g. ahead of that all-important Board meeting).
9 Most IT Strategies prioritise managing today’s mess, without necessary focus of what’s coming around the bend. Xirocco brings sector-related market trends and emerging threats formally into your IT Strategy dialogue. Strategy teams will be prompted per new trend alert to respond, dismiss, or defer.