Xirocco is a London, UK based technology start-up in the B2B, Enterprise IT SaaS space. Our eponymous product Xirocco is a Board-orientated intelligent software that empowers executive leadership to create, communicate and refresh their IT Strategies in a radical new way.

In our 2nd round of Product Market Fit (PMF) trials, Xirocco had a soft-launch earlier this year to a select group of IT Strategy professionals from leading FTSE250 and mid-tier companies. Listening to our potential customers, we have incorporated their pertinent feedback and recommendations into our current Go-to-Market (GTM) release.

Note from the CEO

Why I started Xirocco: Over the years, I observed that CIOs face a consistent, repetitive set of challenges in creating and articulating a cohesive, winning IT Strategy to their Management Board and other key stakeholders, often resulting in failure to secure requisite investments for technology modernisation and buy-in for transformational activities. The CIO-Board relationship is so fragile and fraught that the average CIO tenure ranges from 3 to 5 years at best (recent research). I realised there is an opportunity in the market for an innovative software product that will transform and improve the CIO-Board dialogue at the tens of thousands of organisations across the world that use IT for competitive advantage.

And hence Xirocco was born. It is purpose-built for organisations to understand how IT enables and supports the end-to-end strategy and would essentially be the new system of record for the Group and Business Unit IT strategies.

Xirocco represents a radically new approach for IT to map every project, asset and resource to the strategy so organisations have a clear picture of how they support the overall plan. Should the strategy change Xirocco allows for real time decisions to be made identifying clear implications on the existing plan and what would be required to support the new approach.

Company Profile:

URL: https://www.xirocco.com
Industry: Enterprise SaaS, B2B
Founded: Nov 7, 2017
Headquarters: London, England
Email: sales@xirocco.io